What is a Domain Name?

When you have the idea of developing a website, you must have thought about a name, that is your domain name. It is the address by which internet users can access your website, and it is the identity of the brand or business. The original address used by computers is digital in setup and is known as the IP (Internet Protocol).

The IP address has 4 series of numbers and they have separate periods. Let us see an example of an IP address, 231.67.478.317. Can you remember this? We don’t think so, hence, there is a need for a domain name to compensate for the problem. It is a much easy way to recall if you have loved the website and want to search again.

A name is always better than a number, brands must know that domain name is something that must be given due importance. Your domain name can have a combination of both letters and numbers and attach extensions such as .com or .net etc. Now, only developing name does not complete your work, you must have to register it, and as every domain is different from each other, none of them can have the same names.