For better understanding and analysis of the impact of switching from HTTP to HTTPs, first and foremost we need to know the meaning of the two terminologies.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), is a medium for varying computer systems to easily connect with one another. Generally, this Protocol utilized to transfer information from one web server to another web browser. So those users can view the relevant pages. Many websites that came out earlier was using the same protocol. Though it as an effective way of communication, it has security issues. Anyone even with basic knowledge can hijack the information that is present in between the server and browser.

HTTPs is the technically advanced version of HTTP with an added layer of encryption. To make the site completely protected. The additional letter‘s’ means the website is secure with an SSL certificate. It is a validation of the ownership and technology of encryption.

Meaning of HTTPs:

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPs) makes the 1:1 connection between a browser and a server secured and safe with end-to-end encryption.

Adding an extra letter ‘s’ means a powerful internet security measure has been adopted i.e. The SSL Certificate. In order to keep any sensitive information or a connection to their sites such as a customer’s credit card details or account login details safe and secured, sites with SSL certificates use end-to-end encryption.

The word HTTPs is very popular amongst those who regularly use the internet. Simply by looking at their web browser’s address bar, a user can easily identify whether a site is using the HTTPs protocol or not. People say that the sites which deploy the HTTPs protocol, as they are much safe for browsing and interaction.

It is an extra layer of security which is worthy enough because an internet-savvy buyer would never purchase from any site which is not SSL certified. SSL certification is crucial for those websites which take and store critical and sensitive information of their users.

Advantages of Switching from HTTP to HTTPs:

The most important reason to have an SSL encrypted site is for the security of the user. Sound user security increases the users’ trust and confidence in the website. The presence of HTTPs on their browser’s address bar has made them used to and confident in submitting their critical information and personal details to the website. The only way to get HTTPs is SSL certification.

Mr. Gary Illyes of Google, who was interviewed in 2015 made it clear that at times, two pages can be equal, and is so happens then, Google prefers the page which is HTTPs certified.

The following reasons for switching from HTTP to HTTPs will make a smart and secured move:

  • All the customer credentials are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be hijacked at any cost.
  • Visitors can easily discover if the business is registered or not.
  • Customer prefers HTTPs websites over HTTP for their online purchases.
  • You will be able to use The AMP technology i.e. a high-tech operation for Smartphone browsing.