What Do You mean by Bandwidth Usage?

The web host you use will send you warning messages when you exceed the maximum bandwidth usage, asking you to reduce your web files.

What does “Bandwidth Usage” mean?

“Bandwidth Usage” means the complete data transfer from the server to the visitor. Every file on your website has a standard size specific size and the site is a comprehensive amalgamation of all the files. Each visitor landing on your website receives a request by the web server asking for the desired files. Once the request is accepted, the files get downloaded on their browser available for viewing.

In short, higher bandwidth usage suggests larger web files. The bandwidth usage also depends on the number of requests your website receives. This means that more the requests your website receives, the larger will be your bandwidth usage.

Reduce Bandwidth Usage with Some Simple Steps

It is obvious that no one wants to reduce the number of visitors on their website in order to reduce their bandwidth usage. So the only alternative available to reduce the bandwidth usage is to reduce the size of the files on your website.

  • Make a simpler and efficient website, free from any unnecessary texts, images or redundant files. Try and keep the size of each page as small as possible.
  • Restructure your graphics. Use the JPEG format for images and photos and GIF form for graphics.
  • Do not put in any fancy and H.D. presentations, recording, video files that has a backdrop of music.
  • External use of JavaScript and is better than inserting them in all the pages. The process helps to reduce the size of the HTML.
  • Eliminate any unwanted tags, space, and comments.
  • Cut down Meta tags to the necessary use only.
  • Think about using cache for your website, setting an expiry date in the HTTP headers in order to refresh the content of your website for your visitor’s browser after a certain period of time. This enables to save a copy of the visitor’s web browser and after this whenever a visitor visits your website, they can see the pages that were copied from your browser.