How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

Tips and Tools for Choosing the Best Domain Name:

Selecting the right the appropriate domain name for your website is not only crucial for your success but is also important because a wrong domain name will cause switching or changing in future an inconvenient and annoying task for you which will adversely affect your brand image and search rankings.

So it’s of utmost importance to choose a correct domain name at the time of inception. But the question is how to choose the best domain name? In the beginning, it can be difficult to come up with a catchy yet unique business name which could be a perfect domain name. But through this article, we will share all the tools and tips a user needs to get the best domain name idea and to register the new domain.

1. Trusting .COM Completely:

There are numerous domain extensions accessible today from the initial .com, .net and .org to new niche extensions like .pizza, .photography, or .blog, to name a few.

It is always recommended to choose “.com” as your domain name. Though it is considered to be very fancy to come up with unique blog names using new extensions, “.com” is still the traditional and popular domain name extension.

New domain extensions can be fancy but not trustworthy. “.com” domain name extension is easy to remember. Many users especially those who are not tech-savvy also absent-mindedly type “.com” as the extension.

If you have a website like the is something like “”, and your users absent-mindedly in the flow types “”, then they will land up on some other website on It’s always smart to stick to easy and simple extensions like “.com” and be free from any tension. Worth mentioning is that most smartphones and laptops come with a “.com” button on their keyboard.

2. Proper Keywords Should Be Used in Domain Search:

For every domain, keywords are highly essential. Keywords in domain name help the search engines to understand what the website is about. In order to rank higher in Google, it is important for quality content and excellent user experience through keyword usage for the domain to be addressed together. But one should be aware that it isn’t an easy task to acquire a unique domain with the target keywords that don’t belong to anyone already. The domain can become unique only when the keywords and brand name are combined creatively.

3. Make a short Domain Name:

It is important to use keywords but does not make your domain name lengthy. It is always better to have a domain name which is short, simple and easy to understand.

Generally, it is recommended to keep the domain name of up to 15 characters. Longer the domain names, harder it will be for the users to remember it. Users are prone to use typos with longer domain names which can lead to traffic loss for the website. So to be on the safer side, keep the domain name short.

4. Easy to Spell and Pronounce Domain Name:

The domain name should be created in such a manner that it’s not only easy to pronounce while speaking but while writing as well. The listeners shouldn’t be confused with the domain name, especially when you are planning to use the domain name for a professional business email address or while putting it for business requirements.

5. Keep The Domain Name Unique and Branded:

The domain name for your blog must be creative and fresh so that it creates a lasting impact on your readers’ minds. A smart way to find out what domain name other blogs are using is by researching other blogs in your niche. It’s obvious that you do not want to use any other person’s trademark name even accidentally and be accused of copying it.

Moreover, you can make a choice of picking a domain name that is easy to brand and promote. These kinds of domain names are one of a kind, catchy, and easy to remember. Let’s take “” for example which is quite easy to remember, it’s catchy and can be used for the brand name than “”.

6. Avoid Using Hyphens in Domain Name:

Refrain from using hyphens. Always remember, that hyphens are a sign that the website is either spam or not an original version. Never involve your site with any hyphenated domains.

The reason for using a hyphen in your domain name is to differentiate it from your competitor’s domain name, then there are higher chances that the users might end up landing on your competitor’s website if they forget to use the hyphen in the address bar.

7. Avoid Using Double Letters:

It is better if you do not use double letters in your domain name because using it can increase your chances of losing traffic to typos. For example, a domain like “” would be more prone to typos resulting in traffic loss. Not using double letters also helps to make your domain easy to type and brandable.

8. Leave space for Expansion:

It is always advisable to make a choice of such a domain name which is related to your business. This extends the users of some ideas about the site. However, to combat one problem, do not invite others, as in do not limit your options.

For example, a fruit seller chose a domain name called “”, however in the coming future; they want to start a blog on fruits. At this point in time, the domain name may not serve the purpose and become a problem for the audience to understand or attract the right kind of audience.

It is always a smart move to maintain a flexible domain name so that changing the site to an absolutely new domain might not become a hectic process. It can also add up to extra costs for search rankings.

9. Do Proper Research On Your Domain Name:

It is extremely important to do the proper research beforehand to check whether any other business is in the market with the same domain name before finalizing the domain name. by conducting a “Trademark Search” you can find out if there is any same domain name registered from before or not.

In order to check if the domain name is available on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you should check on Google. To have a similar or matching domain name even by mistake will not only cause confusion but will also have severe legal proceedings which would cost you a lot.

10. Get Help from Domain Name Generators:

At present, you will find 360 Million registered domain names. This might scare the users that all the popular or ideal domain names are registered already.

Searching for domain names is very time consuming if you take the manual route. This is the place where you can make the optimum use of a domain name generator. Cost-free and effective tools will automatically search for your stated keywords to discover thousands of significant domain names.

11. Make a quick action before others take the Name:

All across the world, several domain names are getting registered with just a single click. So, it’s highly important that if you come across a name as per your requirements, then you shouldn’t wait at all and register it quickly.

Similar to real estates, people actively look for an appropriate and brandable domain name to seal the deal. One should actively acquire the domain name or someone else will get it before even thinking.

Domain names’ purchases are quite reasonable so it’s better to book or register the ideal domain name which has been chosen. For changing or switching to a different name, it can be easily done when it is expired.

12. The right place to purchase a domain name:

The availability of several domains name registrars on the web and it is essential to select carefully. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move your domain name later on. Let us find the top 10 domain registrars right here.