What Do You Need To Know About A Second Level Domain?

We often have seen a domain name with the dot extension. But, we have no idea What Is A Second Level Domain Name? what the section before and after the dot means. That’s where SLD and TLD comes. Read on to know about that..

A second-level domain (SLD) designates the segment of a domain title that denotes to the left-hand side of the dot. On the other hand, a top-level domain (TLD) implies the segment to the right-hand side of the dot, which is further known as the domain extension. For instance, if the domain name is YouTube.com, then the “YouTube” will be the SLD plus “.com” will be the TLD. This portion concerning the domain is apprehended as “second-level” due to the authority concerning the Domain Name System (DNS).

In enhancement to these popular second-level domains, there remains further the approach concerning a country code second-level domain (ccTLD). In this case, the second-level domain implies truly to the right-hand side of the decimal delineator; for instance, in a domain like “google.co.uk,” the country code top-level domain signifies the “UK” portion, whereas the ccSLD is the “.co.” So, that will help you understand which country it belongs to.