What Does A Subdomain Mean?

The General Meaning of a Subdomain:

It is known as an extra part of the original domain name. The objective behind a Subdomain is to organize and navigate a user through different sections of your website. A person can add multiple subdomains or child domains to their main domain.

For example: “store.yoursite.com”

In this above example, “store” is a Subdomain to the primary domain “yoursite” and “.com” is the top level domain (TLD).  Usage of any kind of text in your subdomain is permissible. But there is a catch, the text you are using must be easy to remember and type by users.

With many reasons for companies using sub-domain names, some of the important ones are listed below,

The Uses and Cases of a Subdomain:

It is one of the general ways to test a website’s run time and version. For instance, you can install WordPress on your subdomain which will work as an independent and separate installation from your main site. Developers have a habit of testing new plugins and updates on a subdomain staging site before publishing it on the original site.

You can create subdomains for specific users for the website. The subdomains always take up the owner’s space of hosting. For example, guest.yoursite.com, here user.yoursite.com can be a sub-domain. In a very similar manner, sites like WordPress.com, blogger.com, and several others have other sub-domains operating under them.

One important use of subdomain is to develop an online presence for e-commerce platforms. The majority of these companies use separate domains that will be able to handle easy and seamless online transactions. These sites require a highly secured, safe and sound configuration since the deal with users’ credentials.

Moreover, many companies use a subdomain to work for mobile websites like m.yoursite.com. And, sites catering to locations like us.yoursite.com can be a sub-domain for the website.

These additional domains are useful to organize site contents in a much more efficient manner. Appropriate use of subdomains will boost the SEO for the website. But it is advisable to keep everything on the main domain and not on the subdomain.