About us

We as a ‘Team’

A team of countable employees are in research with all the hosting services available. We ‘The team’ are here to spread the world the best hosting services around. The research started by a leaf name “Gokulram Radhakrishnan” in 2005 and from one we are now evolved into a bunch of leaves ‘Team’ in 2017.

Our Motive:

“Make people achieve in online business
for those who reach us for ideas”
Our ideas leads to success path”

We are in online business for many years so we came across plenty of hosting which enlighten our business to next-next level. Our motive is to share our ideas and experiences for those do business online.

Business Experience:

In the business years, along with the CriticHost site, we have 16+ websites which are live running under different hosting services. For our business purposes, we have occupied several web hosting packages with various hosting companies. To be mathematical we have 60+ hosting subscriptions with top hosting providers.

The Outcome of Our Business:

We have done an enormous number of homework by reviewing and analyzing each web hosting around. By the level of sales and technical support we received from each hosting with site performances, costing and other technical knowledge we gained out of the box from the hosting team we have ranked then wisely.