In the year 2001, Bryan Muthig has founded an organization named A2 Hosting, which is considered as a web hosting organization. It is also known as Iniquinet. The organization supposed to provide services to limited clients only. Thanks to their quality services, the organizations managed to gain a large number of a client by the year 2003, which was not expected. From that time the organization is only expanding in the market.

A2 Hosting is known for offering a wide range of services such as WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and domain listing. One can choose their preferred service among the listed services. The organization is also holding several platforms concerning content management. Now you can operate your favorite websites like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal very smoothly. A2 hosting will also ensure the capability of your Magneto store or Open Cart. Through the time A2 hosting is providing quality services in favor of both website and blog owners.

What makes A2 hosting different from other organizations? With A2 hosting, you can avail several benefits, which are going to be elaborated. You can easily enjoy the free migration facility for your websites. Following this, A2 Hosting is known to provide you a threat-free service. They also introduced the money-back guarantee facility as well. They are providing 20 times quicker turbo server as well. For the new users, they are offering a range of facilities and domain names, which are also quite cheap in price. The company is also dedicated to offering 24/7 customer service.

Operating Systems

Besides our other hosting plans, Linux or windows server can also be considered while hosting your website. Using the Linux server can save you up to 20% of costs. Windows plans are also offering Plesk.


You can easily open your website’s cPnael from the dashboard. During the course of hosting several websites with us, multiple cPanels will be visible to you on the homepage.

Besides the cPanel, there is another panel that is filled with your account’s information. This panel is holding information such as the name of the domain or domain’s server.

Aliases, autoresponders, usage of the mailing list disk, addon domains, usage of the total disk, usage of my SQL disk, mail filters and the total number of mail accounts are also included.

Features of the cPanel

There are several functions, which are you allowed to do through cPanels. Those features are depicted underneath:

  • Files can be easily managed.
  • You can install scripts, which will boost up your website by improving the functionality and adding more features.
  • You will have access to your website’s staging features.
  • It enables you to perform database creation, optimization, and managing database.
  • It gives you the authority to handle both the domain and subdomain.
  • Associated email accounts with the website can also be controlled.
  • You can evaluate the rate of website visitors on your page.
  • Top notch security can be provided for your website through the implication of SSL certificates.

Besides those features, caching along with website optimization is also considered as one of the major features of cPanel.

RAID Storage

RAID10 storage has been implemented in every VPS plans in order to ensure the performance development and data redundancy. Both Striping and Mirroring has been incorporated within RAID10 drives.

Hosting Speed and Uptime

From the last one year, I have examined the load speed and uptime of A2 Hosting. I have noted the result for the last six and twelve months.

As per my observation, the average uptime of A2 hosting was 100% and 99.93% respectively.

Following this, the load speed of A2 hosting was 327ms and 378ms respectively.

The result is indicating towards the good performance of A2 hosting from the last one year.

Uptime Guarantee

A2 Hosting is committed to providing you at least 99.9% uptime. They are trying very hard in providing the best possible service. They are known for managing all the servers efficiently and only top datacenters are considered by them, which enhances the performance.

There are some situations when uptime guarantee is not applicable

  1. Time of Routine maintenance and up gradation.
  2. Situations that are not under control of A2 Hosting.


A2 Hosting is committed to giving you the compensation in case you face downtime for a specific moment while using their services. The reason for the downtime must not be the above ones.

The total amount of compensation is 5% of your monthly fees, which you pay to the company. Whenever your website will be unreachable for over 43 minutes that amount will be automatically credited to your account.

On the other hand, if you are not getting the uptime that is promised, the company is committed to refund you the whole payment of that month. The entire amount will be then credited to your account.

On a serious note, you will only receive the compensation after the situation monitored by any member of the A2 Hosting.


A control panel can be used for ensuring the website’s full or partial backup.

You should provide a copy of your website to the support team of A2 Hosting before performing the website restoring.

Migration Policy

A2 hosting can ensure migration management if the cPanel facility provided by your previous website hosting provider. Migrations are only applicable for dedicated along with shared and VPS accounts. However, within 72 hours the process can be done.

However, A2 hosting advice you to an overlap allowance for a minimum 7days from the time you going to open your account with A2 hosting and closes the previous one. This will help you to avoid downtime while performing the migration.

Migration not including the cPanel

A2 hosting can transfer only 1 database to your website in case cPanel is not applicable in your previous hosting provider.

CloudFlare CDN

CDN or content delivery network is known for placing the website’s copies around the worldwide servers.  Through this, the user can get service from a local host, which ensures better loading speed.

CloudFlare is completely free on A2 hosting, which is one of the most used CDN. By using CloudFlare, users can be benefited with 200% quicker loading speed and also it is very safe as well.

Installation of CDN

While installing the CloudFlare CDN, 2 ways can be followed:

  • Considering the plugin of CloudFlare cPanel.
  • Registering in the website of CloudFlare.

You can smoothly switch to both enable and disable mode of the CloudFlare in favor of your domain by considering the plugin of CloudFlare cPanel.

On the other hand, considering the CloudFlare website will lead you to manage your entire setting through the CloudFlare website. Due to this, you won’t be able to access the cPnael of A2 hosting for managing the CDN.

Website Builder

Considering a website builder gives you the authority to ease your site publication process in an organized way.

Through special plans introduced by A2 hosting, you can access the website builder. Both single pages along with e-commerce sites can be easily handled due to this.

Green Hosting

A2 Hosting is also known as a green hosting organization. Being associated with, the company ensures a hundred percent carbon neutral operations. is known for its battle climate change.

From the year 2007, A2 hosting has a good association with and supporting greenery vision by considering renewable energy sources.

Account Management

By using the dashboard, u will be able to handle the complete settings of several domains along with hosting accounts. In order to handle your billing settings, pans up gradation or downgrading can be done.

Though the developer access section, you can easily pass the access of account to anyone. Due to this, your website can be handled by multiple people and you also do not have to share the information with the master account.

Support Management

Several links along with support oriented content will be popping on your dashboard. In the top of the left corner, a support pin will be visible to you. Following this, you can also check the navigation toolbar, where 2 links are attached. Those are placed for the helping purpose.

The support tab allows you to perform several things:

  • You can monitor both new and existing support tickets.
  • The website’s migration records will be visible to you.
  • Following this, you will be able to monitor the A2 hosting servers that will help you if there is any service interruption. This will help you while asking for compensation.
  • The knowledgebase can be accessed.
  • You can ensure the service notification customization procedure through navigating the notification center.
  • Following this, you will get the access of several contents regarding web hosting and design by navigating the company blog of A2 Hosting.

Ticketing System

On the contrary, open Ticket tab will lead you towards the client area, where you can perform several things:

  • To solve any purchase related queries, a sales ticket can be submitted.
  • To solve any account related issues, a hosting query can be proposed.
  • You can also fill your questions to both billing and support team even if they are not associated with the current domain name.

By creating and submitting the left-hand navigation tab, you will be able to get all the ticket records. Each of the tickets is different based on the question you have submitted.

Tech support Team

A2 Hosting is known for their quality support team. You can share your complaints, thoughts, and queries whenever you want. The support group is ready to help you 24/7 through telephone, email or other possible ways.


A2 Hosting is known for maintaining a deep knowledge base, which can be beneficial if you are fond of self-help resources. The entire knowledgebase page is filled with several links by which you can get some crucial information regarding many topics.

However, the content included within the knowledgebase can be easily accessed.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refunds

A2 hosting gives you the money back guarantee. After purchasing a website hosting or domain from them if you face any issues in operating or if you do not like the service within 30 days, A2 Hosting is committed to returning your full money.

You will be still able to ensure the cancelation of your account even after 30 days span. In that case, you will only receive a pro-rated refund. On an important note, this thing is not applicable for the domain registration.

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Domain Name Services Score

We strongly recommend A2 Hosting as a WordPress Hosting company. It is generally a hosting provider. Besides that, it offers a variety of common generic top-level domains (gTLDs) too, country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) and many types of new domains. Their USP is straightforward and easy to use platform for domain search, registration, transfer, website management, and SSL certificates.

This offers profit because there is only one solution for quality WP hosting and domain. But, a customer can just purchase a domain and choose to host it with any other hosting company or vice versa.

Charges for Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer

This is the detailed information about the prices of A2 Hosting domain registration, renewal or transfer TLD option.


* Cost / year.

# All charges are inclusive of ICANN fees. This saves you from spending any extra money other than the said charges.

Domain Privacy Protection

A2 Hosting offers Whois domain privacy protection service for $9.95 per year.

SSL Certificates

You can choose from a variety of options of SSL Certificates from free-of-cost Let's Encrypt to Premium SSL options for your e-Commerce site and anything else! A2 Host offers reasonable SSL Certificates with quick setup resulting in easy HTTPS. You can upgrade your web hosting account and website with an SSL Certificate to amplify visitor trust, search engine traffic, website security, etc.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

A2 Hosting has collaborated with Let’s Encrypt to offer complimentary and automated SSL Certificates for improved website safety and protection. Let's Encrypt offers websites trustworthy HTTPS for, an encrypted link. The best part is that Let's Encrypt protection comes with an automatic setup for your domain by default!  Basically, it is a no click SSL Certificate configuration!

Benefits of Let's Encrypt

  • Free of cost: Let's Encrypt offers a free of cost SSL certificate for your site.
  • Easy System: To get a Let's Encrypt certificate for your domain, just contact their support staff and their team will automatically apply for it. After that just input the appropriate security settings to the software you're using to power your site, like. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Better Security: Let's Encrypt protects your site with the Latest security practices and techniques.
  • Automated Protection: You can easily secure your domains with just a few clicks.

Which is Better – Paid SSL Certificates or Let’s Encrypt?

A paid SSL Certificate can give you many benefits for you to consider one of our paid SSL Certificate options.

  • Renewals: Maximum SSL Certificates are been renewed every year. Whereas the Let's Encrypt protection is been renewed automatically during every quarter of a year by A2 Hosting.
  • Warranties: It must be remembered that a warranty is not inclusive in the Let's Encrypt protection. While on the flip side of the coin, the paid SSL Certificates are assisted by warranties.
  • Extended Validation: An Extended Validation is not rendered by Let’s Encrypt which in turn offers a more graphical indication to convince the visitors that the site is well-secured.

A2 Hosting offers 13 types of AASL certificates from brands like GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Sectigo, and Symantec. The cost for each of them is as follows:

SSL CertificatesPrice for 1 yearPrice for 2 years
Domain Validation (DV) SSL (Single Domain)$49.95$89.95
Domain Validation (DV) SSL (Wildcard) $149.95$269.95
Organization Validation (OV) SSL (Single Domain) $99.95$179.95
Organization Validation (OV) SSL (Wildcard)$656.00$1148.00
Extended Validation (EV) SSL (Single Domain)$199.00$348.25