DreamHost is known for providing web hosting services and also a reputed domain name registrar. It is a Los Angeles based company, which was founded by Michael Rodriguez in the year 1997. Besides Los Angeles, DreamHost operates its services from California, Oregon, and Portland. The company is providing its services in more than 100 countries with over 400,000 members. More than 1.5 million websites have been hosted by the DreamHost around the globe. The organization is known for providing any kind of hosting solution in favor of WordPress along with e-commerce and small business. Thanks to the prolific management of DreamHost, a lot of new age web hosting companies are following their business model. The company has introduced the 97-day cash-back assurance, which makes them famous in the marketplace. They are also known for ensuring improvement in computing and cloud hosting services.
The majority of the packages provided by this company have been developed and marketed for startup and individuals. They are known for their dedicated servers along with VPS hosting which allows room to develop.

Features of DreamHost

  • Hundred percent uptime assurance for each package.
  • Shared and VPS plans are powered by SSDs, which make the service faster.
  • You choose your own domain name among more than 270 extensions.
  • You will get 24/7 customer support.
  • Bandwidth is limitless.
  • You can enjoy unlimited data storage as well.
  • You can access the limitless email address.
  • It comes with cloud storage as well, which will smooth your access and will ensure security.
  • Apps such as Joomla, WordPress can be easily installed.
  • You will get over 745,000 installations for WordPress.
  • The control panel is also very easy to use.

Overview of the Package

From the very beginning, DreamHost is known for its specialization in the shared hosting genre. In the current time also, shared hosting is the most provided service by them. Besides that, they are also specialized in WordPress plans. Through time, the organization has managed to attract many small companies with their lucrative 100% uptime scheme. Following this, their WordPress package also supports automatic updates.
The company has introduced DreamPress service, which is considered as a WordPress product. As compared to the regular shared hosting, this product is faster and reliable.
Both VPS and dedicated hosting plans are powered by SSD hosting along with scalable assets. By considering the VPS plan, you will get the trial access of MYSQL VPS add-on. Through this service, your loading time will be improved. You have to make the payment if you looking forward to continuing the service.
The organization is not into selling the reseller plans. However, a firm amount from your account can be allocated to any other user. It is advisable to not go for this model if your business depends on reselling hosting.

DreamHost Control Panel

Third party control panels such as Plesk or cPanel has never been approved by the DreamHost. The company is powered by its own control panel. Their control panel comes with each of their hosting packages and it gives you the authority to control the hosting account efficiently. Their custom panel is pretty famous among the users.
On an important note, you cannot perform data importation from any other panel by considering services from DreamHost. For ensuring the data importation from other panels, the manual migration process can be considered. Following this, the cPanel backup file can’t be used for importing the user’s email. In that case, each of the email address needs to be recreated and you have to consider your previous host for email downloading process.
The data transferring process can’t be done automatically in DreamHost. You have to deal with this manually. One should be aware of this before taking services from DreamHost.


The organization has its datacenters based on the US east coast and west coast. Due to this, users often face problems, as they do not have the authority to choose a specific datacenter for storing their files. You need to contact the support team in case you are looking for changing the datacenter.
DreamHost is not a believer in taking assistance from third parties. Unlike many companies, their staffs are committed to providing needed information to the users without taking any help from any third party. This makes their service more accurate.

Page Loading Time

The loading speed of DreamHost’s page is quite impressive. 709ms clocking speed has been registered for the last 6 months span. As compared to the other service providers, it is 23% faster.

Average Uptime

The organization is committed to giving you the best Uptime in the market. Their policy shows that if you face a downtime of over 1 hour in a day, DreamHost will provide you a free day service.
Through time, they managed to keep their commitment by providing a good Uptime in the market, which makes them popular among the users.
We observed the company for the last six months and discovered that their Uptime has slightly decreased as compared to their competitors.

Technical Support

The organization is devoted to providing 24/7 customer service for its users. By using DreamHost’s control panel and website, users can submit their tickets. Users will be able to use the live chat section as well.
The organization doesn’t provide assistance through phone calls. They are reputed for their own knowledge base, which helps them in conducting the business.

Uptime along with Service Assurance

DreamHost has launched the 97-day cash-back declaration that makes them well-known in the market. As compared to any hosting organization, this one is the top money back guarantee scheme. During that time, you have the authority to use their control panel and then you can decide whether you want to choose it or not. Though, this offer is only applicable to the shared hosting accounts.
On the other hand, all of their hosting packages come under a hundred percent uptime guarantee scheme. Compensation will be provided if you face a downtime of a total of 1 hour. In order to make the most out of it, users should act faster during the downtime phase and contact the support team.

The promo code is not yet updated by the DreamHost.

Domain Name Services Score

DreamHost is a world famous and trusted ICANN accredited Domain registrar. Presently, more than 1.5 million sites are presently using services from DreamHost. Dreamhost provides 400+ domain extensions that include generic TLDs, new extensions, country-specific extensions and many more. These domain names are affordable, attractive, branded for any new business. Your search for a domain provider which offers hosting service ends at DreamHost.

Attractive Features of the DreamHost Domains

  • Get top-level domain registration from DreamHost, which is an ICANN accredited company.
  • You are offered free of cost WHOIS Domain Privacy.
  • You get a FREE custom email for free with your purchase.
  • Charges of Domain transfer change with respect to the type of extension. You may check the following table for more information.
  • Add-ons: Complimentary SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt.

Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer Pricing

Detailed charges for of domain registration, renewal and transfer from DreamHost:


* Cost for each year.

# The charges come with all-inclusive ICANN fees, hence no extra charge in your final bill.

Domain Privacy Protection

DreamHost offers domain privacy protection for free of cost.

You will get complementary Domain privacy protection for certain new registration or transfer of domain as long as you keep an association with DreamHost.

SSL Certificates

DreamHost provides two SSL certificates via the DreamHost panel.

  • 'Let's Encrypt' certificate at free of cost.
  • Sectigo certificate for an extra charge of  $15 per year.

Their differences are described as follows:

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

FREE SSL certificates offered by a certified authority as Let’s Encrypt have the same features as any current paid certificates. But, a paid certificate is a better option for e-commerce sites because these free certificates do not offer 'Organizational Validation'. This project was initiated to create encrypted links the default standard throughout the Internet.

Paid Sectigo Certificate

Sectigo certificate from Sectigo is available for an extra $15 per year. If you purchase this, your website will carry a certificate seal of trust on it. It is ideal for e-commerce sites, customer login areas, or any other site that transmit sensitive information.

Benefits of Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Important benefits of using a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate:

  • Free of cost: Any domain owner can have a free of cost trusted certificate for that domain.
  • Fully automatic: Fully automatic enrolment process in time of server’s native installation or configuration process. The renewal process is also automatic.
  • It's simple: The auto renewal process for certificates is simple without any payment or validation emails.
  • It's secure: Let’s Encrypt is a platform that implements the latest security techniques and best practices.

Free Let's Encrypt certificate versus Paid Sectigo Certificate

The encryption processes by both types of certificates are the same in features. But, 'Let's Encrypt' certificates only offer Domain Validation (DV) certificates and they do not provide Organizational Validation (OV) certificates.

  • (DV) certificates only provide a secure connection to the website. Any admin of the website’s panel can add Let’s Encrypt Certificate. The certificate gets added to the panel automatically after addition in the panel.
  • (OV) certificates offer the same features of (DV) certificates with extra validation about additional organizational information about who the name and complete address of the buyer. These types of certificates often require email verification from the buyer.

What is the Best Option – Free 'Let's Encrypt' or Paid Sectigo Certificate?

Paid Sectigo certificate is the best option for you, provided if your website Processes credit cards deals with sensitive information (such as an e-commerce site), or it has a user login page. This way you can offer a secures and valid connection to your customers,

Easy and simple websites which need the same level of encryption can use Let’s Encrypt without any hesitation.

Both of the DV and OV certificates offer the same level of encryption. But, DV certificates do not display the actual site name within the certificate barring visitors to validate the certificate by viewing it. Besides that, there can be potential phishing attacks. E.g., any fraudster can make a duplicate copy of your website with a DV certificate.

Buying a Signed Certificate in the DreamHost Panel

  1. Navigate to the SSL/TLS Certificates
  2. To the right of your domain, click the Add


Also, you can install any third-party SSL certificate to DreamHost panel.

Through time, DreamHost is operating their business with innovation, which helps them to grow in the market. They are one of those few companies to use custom panel. The control panel can be both beneficial and harmful to you relies on the circumstances. Their limited reselling option can create issues too. However, due to their long money back guarantee, you can easily decide before making any commitment.