Godaddy Hosting Review 2019

In the year 1997, Bob Parsons has founded GoDaddy inc in Baltimore. The organization is known for providing web hosting services around the globe. Following this, GoDaddy is an ICANN accredited domain registrar company as well. They mainly operate their business from Arizona. In 1994, Bob Parsons sold his previous financial software firm for $65 million. Soon after that in 1997, he introduced Jomax Technologies, which is currently known as GoDaddy. As per the reports, GoDaddy is the largest ICANN accredited domain registrar company around the globe. They are even 4 times larger as compared to their nearest competitor.

GoDaddy currently has over 8,000 efficient staff working for them. They often use newspapers and a TV advertisement for marketing purposes. This thing also makes them faced quite a few controversies concerning censorship. In Arizona, they have their 270,000 square foot premises.

In favor of both small and independent businesses, GoDaddy offers the largest cloud platform. The company has over 18 million users around the globe and they hosted over 77 million domain names. The stats are indicating their quality services. GoDaddy helps its users to build a professional website so that the users can manage their business well.

A wide range of services has been introduced by GoDaddy such as web hosting, domain registration, web design, website builder, web security, SSL certificates, email, and online marketing tools. Following this, you will have the authority to choose among Linux or Windows server. Though, if you consider shared or WordPress hosting packages, Linux servers will be given to you.

Data Centers and Office

The company has several offices and data centers around the globe. Within America, they have their data centers and offices in Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Seattle, LA, New York, and Boston. While their international data centers and offices are located in Mexico, Canada, India, Brazil, Australia, UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands respectively.

Backups and Security

As compared to the other service providers in the market, GoDaddy is known for providing top-notch security system. Even if you are buying the cheapest plan, you will be able to access the same security facilities. They offer spam detection facilities in email accounts and Control Panel, even if you go for their economy packages. Though, higher packages come with more advanced security facilities such as a secure socket layer. Following this, you will be able to access 2048-bit and AHA-2 encryption within any hosting packages. In addition, you can purchase SiteLock, which helps in spam monitoring, app scanning, and site verification. Malware scanning can also be done by you. The company ensures daily backup along with malware scanning as well. GoDaddy gives you the authority to store copies of your website in cloud storage. Though, you need to pay a small amount for this.

No Content Delivery Network

GoDaddy does not prefer the content delivery network for speeding up their networks, which surprised us actually. We were also unable to install this.

However, in case if you buy dedicated or VPS server packages, then you will be able to install any CDN. For shared hosting, you won’t be able to perform this.

Uptime Assurance

Just like the other big organizations, GoDaddy is also committed to providing 99% uptime assurance. In case if you are not getting the speed you supposed to, then you can contact them for the compensation.

Uptime of the Last Ten Months

As per the sources it can be seen that from the last ten months the organization has managed to maintain 99.992% uptime.

Average Response Time

As per the report collected from Pingdom in the last 10 months, GoDaddy’s response time has been clocked 1053.1s. This stat can disappoint the users.

Though, below 300s has been clocked for most of the other companies.

Control Panel

GoDaddy offers cPanel for the Linux servers and Plesk for the windows.

I have gone through the cPanel and noticed that few clicks are required for finding the control panel. There is a mediator page included by GoDaddy between the product dashboard and website dashboard.

Trial Periods and Guarantee

If you purchase shared hosting packages, a 30-day money back guarantee will be applicable. If you are not satisfied with the services you can certainly return.

The plan down gradation option is also available. For 30 days, you can try any package for free. You need to contact the customer care group if you want your money back.

Without having credit card access, you won’t be able to use the WordPress packages. Instead of that, you can access the GoCentral website builder.

Tax on Services and Digital Products

Products along with services purchased from GoDaddy have come under the sales tax. Such digital products are mentioned below:

  • Web Hosting
  • Software as a service
  • Domain Names

As per the taxation law, tax is applicable for the products along with services you purchase from GoDaddy. The whole collected tax amount goes to the government.

Customer Assistance

While managing your website, you may face technical issues. For this reason, GoDaddy has developed their customer support group so that your problem can be solved. All the technicians are always ready to assist you through email, phone calls, and live chat. The support team is committed to answer all of your queries and fix you any kind of technical issue. As per the users, the support team of GoDaddy is doing their task very efficiently. The support team members are very helpful.  Mostly they will respond to your queries within ten minutes. The organization is also known for its huge knowledgebase, where you can find most inquired questions by the users along with suitable answers to those queries.

Global Reach

GoDaddy is a very reputed and well-known company around the globe, as they operate their business over 55 markets. Each of the regions has different customer care. For example, U.S care is only developed for the U.S, while India care stands for India. The implementation of a personalized customer care system helped them to grow within the market. Over 50,000 customers and their inquiries are handled by the customer support group each day. Near about 4500+ employees are handling over 17 million customers around the globe.

Are you searching for a web hosting company? There are many options available and choosing one can be a daunting task. If you are confused, you can rely on CriticHost to take an informed decision. We offer detailed reviews of major web hosting companies. You might have heard a lot about GoDaddy nowadays. This GoDaddy hosting review 2019 analyzes the quality of services in an unbiased way.

Our review reveals the history and performance of the company to help you gather accurate information on track record and credibility. You also get to know about the services offered, data centers and offices.  This GoDaddy hosting review 2019 throws light on the web hosting features, benefits, uses, specifications, customer support and many more to help you have a realistic assessment on the quality of the web hosting services.

We have relied on our own personal experience of hiring more than 60 hosting subscriptions as well as detailed research to prepare this honest review.

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Domain Name Services Score

GoDaddy is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and it is a pioneer domain registrar company in the domain name industry. This is the leading provider of domains in the world with 77 million domain names under its management. You can purchase renowned Top-level domains (TLDs) including the general ones and country-specific ones at an affordable price. Besides that, you can also opt for many other services. These include domain transfer, domain renewal, privacy protection for domains, broker services, name and value assessment services for domains, etc. GoDaddy also offers auctions, Investor tools, SSL certificates and Safety services for domains.

Cost for Domain Registration and Domain Renewal

You can get domain registration service from Godaddy for nearly 480 TLDs. Here are the charge details:

TLDsRegistration*Renewal †

* Cost for the initial year.

Charges per year after the first year.

# Avail discounts from Godaddy in the first year for Domain registration for certain TLDs. The offer is valid for registration for more than 2 years. Suppose you are registering for 2 years. Then for first-year pay just $2.99 and then pay $17.99 for next year.

# You need to pay extra $0.18 as ICANN charges for any type of domain related services.

# Customers may have to pay taxes for purchasing in selected countries and cities. Check for a detailed report on Countries in which GoDaddy is collecting taxes, GoDaddy taxes outside the United States and GoDaddy sales tax.

Charges for Domain Transfer

GoDaddy provides one year of no-cost registration extension in case of the domain transfer. Detailed charges for selected important TLDs domain transfers:

Transfer - TLDs1 Year

Domain Privacy Protection

Choose the right option of privacy protection for your domains. GoDaddy charges $9.99 yearly for this service.

Description of the protection options:

  • Privacy Protection - Great for individuals
  • Privacy & Business Protection - Effective for businesses
FeaturesPrivacy ProtectionPrivacy & Business Protection
Masks your personal details in the public WHOIS Directory
Prevents domain-related spam
Deters domain hijackers
Protects you from stalkers and harassers
Includes a private email address that can be forwarded to you, filtered or blocked
Prevents accidental loss of domain due to expired credit card
Makes most accidental or malicious transfers impossible
Protect your domain with automatic scans and continuous security monitoring
SSL Certificates

GoDaddy Provides every type of SSL Certificates (e.g., Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates, Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates and Extended Validation(EV) SSL Certificates). You can choose among single Domain SSL, Multi-domain SSL/SAN SSL/UCC SSL and Wildcard SSL as per your requirement.

Detailed information about all types of SSL certificates cost, specifications of domains provided by GoDaddy:

FeaturesDomain Validation (DV) SSL CertificateOrganization Validation (OV) SSL CertificateExtended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate
Price $79.99/Year and ‡$169.99/yr and Δ$249.99/yr and ◊
Proves domain ownership
Validates organization
Shows business is legitimate
Display business name in green address bar
Boosts Google® ranking
Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
Padlock in address bar
Protects multiple websites (Multi-domain SAN SSL)
Protects all subdomains (Wildcard SSL)
Security trust seal

$63.99/year (If you buy for 2 years).

Δ $135.99/year (If you buy for 2 years).

$124.99/year (If you buy for 2 years).

There are more available options for SSL Certificates through GoDaddy.