In the year 2009, Hover has been launched, which is a retail part of the Tucows, Inc. The organization is considered as the world’s second largest domain name registrar. The company has started its business in 1994. Sources revealed that currently over 10 million domain names are managed by them. The association of three domain hosting providers (It’s Your Domain (IYD), Tuscow’s own Domain Direct, NetIdentity) forms the Hover. Here you will get the full review of Hover, which will ease your worries regarding choosing a suitable domain hosting provider.

“We stick to what we know best – domains” this is the motto of Hover. It reflects that you can trust them if you looking for assistance in the domain section.

Before taking the service, one should know what domain is. The domain is nothing but your online address, which assists people to know your location. The domain is not an app or website. In order to build a website, hosting name or website builder is required. Domain name registrar companies help you in this process.

Visible Pricing

Several types of pricing charts are provided by the hosting providers. You can choose cheap price domains that come with a higher renewal rate. Similarly, higher priced Domains with lower renewal rate can also be selected.

Hover is known for its transparent pricing. Price for purchase, transfer, and renewal is visible to you. Their rates come with WHOIS protection, which is developed to protect your personal data such as contact details, name and address from marketers or spammers.

Bulk Price

If you choose Hover as your domain name registrar, you won’t be able to get any special discount after purchasing a large number of domain names. Unlike any other organization, this company is not offering any kind discount on bulk purchasing. Though, other companies can give you the discount if you purchase a bulk amount. For instance, a 15% discount will be applied if you purchase 100 domains.


Besides any other extra fees, 18% of ICANN fees need to be paid by the domain name registrar companies for each of their hosted Domains on a yearly basis. While purchasing the domain name, ICANN fees will be added. If the actual price of the domain is $13, after applying the ICANN fees, it will be around $13.18 annually. This might upset the customers, as the promised price will change due to the ICANN fees.

Data Protection

While purchasing my domain from Hover, I was curious to know what measures will be taken by them in order to ensure data protection. In some cases, people often face an issue, as they receive plenty of spam emails after the domain registration. However, WHOIS privacy helps you in protecting your personal information. Besides that, you will be able to select how you want to share your data. After buying the domain name from Hover, I also received an email from them, which was dedicated to knowing my approval regarding data usages.

Security Facilities

WHOIS privacy system has been introduced by the Hover, which ensures the domain’s protection. ICANN is known as a non-profit organization, which is connected to the world domain’s system. In order to ensure security, you need to update your contact information while buying your domain. Your shared data will be stored in the database of WHOIS. Due to this, all of your shared information will be protected from marketers, spammers or fraud individuals. By purchasing a domain name from Hover, you will get access to WHOIS protection. This thing makes them popular among the users, as most of the service provider charges for WHOIS protection.

Lack of Complementary Products

Only the domain section is focused by Hover, which can be proved as a disadvantage as well.

A domain always comes with a set of several products. You need to link your domain with SSL certificate by which the security of your site can be assured. Though, there are many third-party providers, who can provide you the SSL certificate. However, you can also manage this from your domain.

As per my point of view, hosting and domain should be separate. However, most of the service provider offers both hosting and domain together, which is not preferable if you want better performance.

Competitive hosting is provided by NameCheap. Following this, GoDaddy is known for providing cheap WordPress domains and hosting. Most of the companies such as InMotion, Blueshot provides domain registration if you buy hosting from them.

Though, hover is not in the list of those companies. You can only purchase the domain name from them. In case you are looking for the complete package, then Hover is not the right choice for you.

Customer Support

While providing assistance to the users, Hover uses four methods such as email, phone, live chat and self-help webpage for conducting the service.

Phone: You can see their toll free number on the homepage. Though, they also have a number for North America, which is also toll-free. Besides that, the organization does not offer a 24/7 customer service facility. You can call them regarding any queries from 8 am to 11 pm. For the weekends the time is 8 am to 8 pm.

Email: As users, you can also mail them if you have any queries or questions. Most of the organizations have multiple email addresses in order dealing the queries more efficiently. Though, Hover deals with only a single email address.

Live chat: As a user of Hover, you can now enjoy the live chat facility. By using this feature, the user can shoot any queries to the management and they will also get an instant reply from the support team. For availing the service, you need to share some of your personal details such as contact number, name, and email. Hover does not allow you to ask a question privately. Though, there are many organizations who allow you to stay anonymous in the live chat.

Help page: Hover has a page, which is filled with the most frequent questions raised by the user with a detailed answer to those questions.

Like any other top organization, Hover is also known for its prolific customer services.

Hover Promo Codes & Coupons

Here are the coupons and promo codes which are currently being offered by Hover. These codes were collected from recent submissions, tweets, and polls by the relevant sector.

Presently there are two working coupons from Hover for the month of April 2019. The greatest option is a discount code for 10% off. Customers may use this for purchasing Email and domain.

Promo codes on Sitewide

Avail 10% Off in Sitewide on the initial year of a new purchase

Promo Code: JETBLACK

Promo Code: WP1MO

Domain Name Services Score

Hover is a branch company of Tucows Inc. (Second biggest ICANN accredited domain registrar on the internet) that provides domain registration since 2009. They only provide services like purchasing, maintaining and transferring of domains on their own site. It also offers email services. But Hover does not provide matching services like hosting, website builders, SSL certificates, etc.

This company is also an ICANN accredited domain registrar indirectly because of its mother company Tucows Inc.

This company offers hundreds of top-level domains. Hovers offer the generic domains as well as unique domains like .club, .la, .actor, .agency, .bargains, .black, .vision etc. Moreover, each domain has features like unlimited forwarding, powerful domain editing, advanced DNS management, and bulk management tools.

Detailed Cost List for Domain Registration, Renewal, and Transfer

Hover maintains transparency in their services and pricing. This company does not offer the most affordable deals in the relevant industry but it very clear about its costs. Here are charges regarding domain registration, renewal, and transfer.

.ink$6.99 $25.99$25.99
.site$4.99 $32.99$32.99
.space$4.99 $24.99$24.99
.store$7.99 $64.99$64.99
.tech$7.99 $49.99$49.99
.website$4.99 $24.99$24.99

* Cost for each year.

# The prices are exclusive of ICANN fees and you need to pay extra $0.18 with your purchase.

Volume Discounts on Domain Renewals

Hover provides volume discounts on renewal. You can avail this chance after having ten domains in your account and it goes higher.

You do not need any promo code in this case. You will get an automatic discount if you apply for a domain renewal prior to expiry or manual renewal.

Discount Rates:

Domains in your AccountDiscount (off the renewal price/year)

More details:

  • Hover offers a great discount on a large part of TLDs for transfer-in and new registration for certain TLDs as well as the regular volume discounts on renewal services. The WHOIS privacy protection comes free in selected purchases.
  • Hover treats your Multi-year registration as one year purchase with bundle renewals. So, discounts also apply for the next consecutive years. Hence, no more auto-renewals and more savings.
  • Besides that, you also get new domains added in your domain during multi-year calculations. For example, suppose that you have 23 domains in your Hover account and registered two extra after this. You will get volume discounts on those later purchased domains from 2nd to 5th year absolutely free.

Domain Privacy Protection

Hover gives you complimentary WHOIS protection.

Now, keep your contact information secret from the public WHOIS registry absolutely FREE of any other charges with the help of Hover. That will only display administrative contacts from information from the public WHOIS registry. So, spam and other unsolicited emails will not pose a problem to you. Often this service costs extra with other providers. Since Hover offers this for free of cost you are saving more than you think.

SSL Certificates

Hover is yet to provide an SSL certificate. is highly recommended for the domain registration service they provide, Due to the huge availability of numerous domain extensions, optimum and affordable pricing. It gives free premium services like free privacy protection of domain which handsomely charged by many domain service provider companies. They have a good market reputation and dedicated customers even after not having 24/7 support. They also don't offer mobile applications to their users and not ICANN accredited.