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In CriticHost, we are here to help you if you are looking for acquiring a domain name, website or web hosting. Our team is always ready to assist you with valuable information and concept so that you won’t face any obstacle while choosing your hosting for the very first time. Before recommending any web hosting company to you, our experts always make sure the quality of the service, as we are here to provide you the best possible services.

Nowadays, anyone can build their own customized website as per their needs. In CriticHost, we help you to find a suitable web hosting for you.

Do you ever wonder, how can you make your very first website? Are you the one who keeps searching for the best hosting services around the globe? If your answer is yes, then you are in the place. In CriticHost, you will get the best possible platforms for web hosting as per your requirements are concerned.

We are going to only recommend you the best hosting providers in the business no matter you are looking for domain registration, cheap hosting, WordPress hosting or shared hosting.

As of 2019 April, More than 70 trusted hosting providers are reviewed by us.

There are a lot of top-notch service providers are available in the market, which makes the task difficult for webmasters while choosing a perfect web hosting provider. It has been observed that even professional webmasters are also facing confusion while selecting service providers due to several included categories in the service such as shared hosting, VPS Hosting or cloud hosting. Several things one should consider before acquiring web hosting services such as reliability, price along with performance and customer service. However, one should need to be aware also while choosing a service provider, as lack of knowledge can be harmful to the webmasters while dealing with the service providers.

Though, there are some top review sites in the market, which are developed for making the hosting selection process easier in favor of the webmasters. Webmasters can read the opinions of many other customers as well, which helps them to choose the suitable one.

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Ways To Add Security To Your Dedicated Server - CriticHost.com

Ways to Add Security to Your Dedicated Server

5 Beneficial ways to Enhance Security of the Dedicated Server: In the recent era of digitization, you should be cautious while dealing with the security of your data. Unfortunately, web attacks take place every day, and websites of diversifying field and size are under the radar. In case you have a dedicated server, we can say that you are better off in terms of protection than other types of hosting. However, there are some measures

What Is DDoS Attack - CriticHost.com

What is DDoS attack?

With the help of Trojans, Disturbed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is launched against targeted systems. But is it just an attack or something more than that??? A disturbed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack overloads the target system with data, making the response from the target system either slowed or completely stopped. So to generate the required amount of traffic, a network of zombies and bot computers are put into use. Relation Between DDoS, Zombie,

What Is The Difference Between A Registry, Registrar And Registrant - CriticHost.com

What is the difference between a Registry, Registrar and Registrant?

Know more About the Difference between a Registry, Registrar and Registrant: When it comes to domain name registration, there are three separate characters that engage in the registration method. They are the registry, registrar, and registrant. The subsequent data will break down and explain each role plus how all work with each other. Registry: When it comes to domain name registry, it is an organization which helps to manage all the top level domains. They

What Do You Mean By 100% Uptime - CriticHost.com

What Do You Mean By 100% Uptime?

Reliability is something which is very risky and dangerous too. Because the person on whom you are relying will make you fall is completely unknown to you. Similarly, due to increasing competition pressure, a hosting provider can make unrealistic promises or benefits such as 100% uptime. Any web hosting which flaunts a rate of 99.99 percent uptime, it suggests that they are given the protection of about 53 minutes facing the yearly outrage time.  This

What Do You Mean By Bandwidth Usage - CriticHost.com

What Do You mean by Bandwidth Usage?

The web host you use will send you warning messages when you exceed the maximum bandwidth usage, asking you to reduce your web files. What does “Bandwidth Usage” mean? “Bandwidth Usage” means the complete data transfer from the server to the visitor. Every file on your website has a standard size specific size and the site is a comprehensive amalgamation of all the files. Each visitor landing on your website receives a request by the

Various Types Of Linux Server Operating Systems - CriticHost.com

Various Types of Linux Server Operating Systems

Just like Windows and Mac OS, the Linux operating system can also come up in the hosting server in multiple ways. So, for this matter, there are several developers for open source who have customized Linux with several other networks to fulfill the requirement of the customers. Here is the list of most popular Linux distributions. Ubuntu Linux CentOS Debian Fedora Arch Linux openSUSE Red Hat Enterprise Linux The network cycle for distribution that is

While creating a worldwide online community, blogs along with websites can be highly recommended. During the course of accessing any website, you need to know the web address of that site. The web address is also referred to as a URL address as well. For example, “www.YouTube.com  or YouTube.com” you need to enter this full address while opening YouTube. This is also considered as a domain name.

Symbolics.com was the first ever registered domain name (1985, 15th March). Nowadays, it has become very easy to get a domain name. You can choose among the best domain registrars in the market.

In order to have a webpage or website, an organization or an individual needs to acquire web hosting services. Web hosting service providers are responsible for making your webpage or website visible to the internet world. Service providers are always there for help as per your requirements. Computers, which are used for storing and hosting the websites, are known as servers. By entering your domain name in the browser, any internet user can easily visit your webpage or website. During the process, the user’s device and the server will be connected, through which the user can get the webpage visual in their respective browsers.

Having your own domain is imperative, a majority of the service providers want you to have your own domain while hosting. However, the hosting providers can assist you as well if you not having your own domain. Find here the world best domain registrars for register your domain name.