Privacy Policy

In the CriticHost website, this following page has been developed in favor of our daily visitors. The visitors used to get their needed information concerning the policies along with personal information with the help of this service.

While hosting the CriticHost website, always third-party hosting providers are considered. This thing indicates that CriticHost does not control the collected information from the visitors, as the hosting is managed by the third party providers only. Before sharing the information, visitors should be aware of certain things. Those third party hosting providers can be from anywhere around the globe. This brings the threat of information leakage. We request you to pay more attention before sharing any valuable information to any third party hosting providers.

Before considering our service, one should agree to the usage of information regarding its policies. During the course of improving our services, all the personal information is considered, which we collect from our visitors. Besides that, we will manage your all personal information as per the policies are concerned. Your shared information is always safe with us. by clicking this following link you can easily get the access of the terms and conditions, which are developed for assuring the privacy of the policy.

Usage along with Information Collection:

In order to provide you superior services, we might need cooperation from your side. By collecting your personal information such as your contact number along with your name and address, we can assure you quality services. That collected information can also help us while identifying you among the many other users.

Log Data:

Log data is indicating the information, which is provided by your browser. Whenever you going to use our website, we will receive all the information through your browser. Your browser may share several types of information with us such as the internet protocol address of the computer, time and date when you visited our website along with the version of the browser and several information.


Cookies are considered as files, which are filed with fewer amounts of data. Cookies are generally utilized for identifying an anonymous. Those files are always saved to the computer’s storage system with the help of your browser.

We use those cookies during the course of improving our overall service, as the cookies help us in getting valuable information. Besides that, you always have the authority to decide whether you want to accept or decline the cookies. However, refusing or declining the cookies may restrict you in order to use our service properly.

Advertising Cookies:

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to the website or other websites.

Google’s use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to users based on their visit to sites and/or other sites on the Internet.

Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings.

Service Suppliers:

Some major reasons are depicted below, which will help you to understand why we consider third party organizations along with individuals as well.

  • In order to ensure the service simplification.
  • It can be helpful in providing services even if we are not there.
  • It will also be helpful while performing service-regarding services.
  • Following this, it can be also helpful while evaluating our service efficiency.

Those third party organizations can access all of your personal information. However, those third parties are strictly instructed to not use your personal information for any other reason. They are not supposed to disclose your identity as well.


We are aware of your concern regarding data security. Due to this, it is our responsibility to ensure the security of your personal information. However, any process related to the internet cannot be fully secured. Therefore, we won’t be able to pledge complete security.

Links to Other Sites:

You may see many links to the other sites while using our service. By clicking any of those third party links, you will be redirected to the following site. Please note that we do not control those third party sites and we are also not responsible regarding the content, policies provided by them.

Privacy of the Children:

We do not provide any kind of services to a person who is under 13 years old. We pay attention to while taking any sort of personal information form children. However, if we found information about a 13 years old child in our database, we always erase that information. As a parent, you should inform us if you came to know that your children have shared personal information with us. This will help us in order to take proper actions as per the situation.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

Due to ensuring service improvement, privacy policies might be updated often. It is our request to you to visit the website from time to time for getting important information. All the news regarding an update will be posted on this page. Keep updated for experiencing better services.

Contact Us:

We will love to know your suggestions and hear all of your queries regarding our services. Please feel free to contact us.