Terms of Use

A range of terms is developed by us, which will be applied whenever you open our website. These following terms are applicable for both visitors and users. Whenever you visit or use our services indicate that you are well aware of our terms along with privacy policies. It is imperative to follow those terms respectively. From the very first day on our website, terms and policies will be applicable for you.

We have the complete authority to make changes in the terms and policies as per the need of our website. Though, the notification will be given, if we looking for updating the terms. Changes in the terms won’t be applicable without any notification. For using our website, you always need to agree with our terms. New terms and policies will be applied if you continue to access our site.

Some Major Terms are Listed Below, Which are Needed to be Followed by the Users or Visitors:

  • In our website, all the contents within the page are only for you to get the basic information. We have the authority to change the content without giving any notice.
  • By using Google Analytics, CriticHost collects a range of information, which is depicted properly: 1. Version number and name of your browser 2. User’s IP address 3. Data regarding the behavior of the users by monitoring their time on page 4. Name and version of the user’s operating system 5. Whether the user is using mobile, tablet or desktop as a platform 6. Screen resolution of your device and lastly collecting information, which is designated by Google.
  • We cannot assure you that our website will fulfill all of your needs. We are also not claiming that the website will be 100% error free. However, if you face any obstacle while using our website, you should file a report. We will try to solve that issue as early as possible. Occasionally we might restrict you from access the website due to some reasons such as website repairing along with maintenance and updating new features to the site. We will try our best to deal with such circumstances and make things normal.
  • We are not guaranteeing you the precision, properness, completeness, suitability, and performance regarding the services or information you are getting on our website. Even, third-party providers are also not going to guaranteeing you such things.
  • You are responsible for using any information or material on our website, the website won’t take any responsibilities on behalf of yours. While choosing services or products from our site, you should consider your own sets of requirements. You are responsible for the services you have chosen.
  • Before publishing or reprinting our page content, you need to take permission from us. As long as the trademark and copyright note is reserved, you can utilize our webpage contents. However, you are not supposed to change, publish or sell our website content as well.
  • We are not encouraging you to use our website content for any kind of pornography sites. Not only this, you are not supposed to share our content with the individuals who are into warez, cracking, hacking or any other cybercrime. We have the authority to terminate your license if the above circumstance happens.
  • In CriticHost, Technical along with photographic and typographical errors can occur within our content. The website is not responsible if the material is not complete, current or accurate. We have the authority to change the material as per the need of our website without even giving any notice. We are not committed to update the content or materials within the website.
  • In CriticHost, we can also comprise a link of several websites whenever we want. Those links are going to assist you in getting more additional information. However, we are not responsible for the contents included in the linked sites.
  • All the terms and privacy policies are not applicable to the linked websites, which are published in the CriticHost. If you enter those sites, their own set of terms and privacy policies will be applied to you. We are not responsible regarding any circumstances.
  • We may take legal action if needed if you spread violence or broke our terms and policies.