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How Will You Choose The Best SSL Type For Your Website CriticHost.com

How Will You Choose The Best SSL Type For Your Website?

This piece of writing highlights how can you choose the best SSL certificate for your website and how can you use it and what help does it provide to you. Check out to know more about how will you choose it. You apparently have a great opinion of what variety of SSL certification would best match your site, although here we are going to denote some points you must keep in thought when choosing what

Why SSL Certificates Are Important CriticHost.com

Why SSL Certificates are Important?

All You Need To Know Regarding The Importance Of SSL Certificates: Other than the simple answer that preserving the personal information concerning your users plus clients must be a prime precedence, the truth of the concern is: Internet users are growing more security alert (as they well must be). An SSL certification is a visible sign that your site is the one and the Internet users can believe plus that they must not bother regarding

What Do You Mean By A Certificate Authority (CA) CriticHost

What do you mean by a Certificate Authority (CA)?

A certificate authority (CA) implies a committed entity that distributes digital records, known as information files used to associate in a cryptographic manner by a public key. Certificate authorizations are a significant portion concerning the internet’s public key infrastructure (PKI) as they begin the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates which web browsers utilize to verify content communicated from web servers. Every significant web browsers utilize web servers’ SSL certifications to keep support in content presented

What Do You Need To Know About SiteLock CriticHost

What Do You Need To Know About SiteLock?

SiteLock signifies a website safety monitoring mechanism concerning small and medium-sized enterprises, implementing plenty of advantages and assistance. Some concerning the key advantages are malware detection, blacklist monitoring, vulnerability identification, including virus scanning. Supplementary services combine domain ownership confirmation including SSL certificate checking and validation. SiteLock controls your sites every day for malicious activity and suddenly informs you of any possible warnings. SiteLock’s 360-degree checking utilizes lightweight technology which helps it to look for threats

HTTPs vs HTTP CriticHost.com


For better understanding and analysis of the impact of switching from HTTP to HTTPs, first and foremost we need to know the meaning of the two terminologies. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), is a medium for varying computer systems to easily connect with one another. Generally, this Protocol utilized to transfer information from one web server to another web browser. So those users can view the relevant pages. Many websites that came out earlier was using

Meaning Of Secured Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) CriticHost

Meaning Of Secured Socket Layer Certificate (SSL)

SSL is known as Secured Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) and is a data file which is present on the server which makes the connection between a web server and a web browser secured and safe. SSL certificates are of use to online enterprises or e-commerce sites who wish to encrypt their online credit/debit card transactions, make data transfers, process logins and host secure social media websites. Developed by Netscape and based on the Secured Socket