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What Is The Procedure To Register Your Domain Name - CriticHost.com

What is the Procedure to Register your Domain Name

After you have selected a domain name, the next step is to submit the request for domain registration to the registrar. Check out the following information and see what you need to send a registrar. The chosen domain name. The name of the owner including phone number, email address, residential address. Everything must be submitted for the domain’s registrant. The term which is chosen for the domain registration. All the information regarding the payment methods.

Why You Need A Domain Name - CriticHost.com

Why You Need a Domain Name?

The Importance of Having a Domain Name: The domain name is nothing but a unique identity of your brand or business. It might be a name for an individual, business or organization, domain names have great importance. There is a need to invest in creating a domain name because later, the audience or customers will know you by this name. Possessing your own domain name will allow you to be open to the world. Your

What Is An IP Address - CriticHost.com

What Is An IP Address?

Internet Protocol Address and Everything Surrounding It: Internet Protocol (IP) address is an exclusive variety of numbers on most of the technical devices you use and which are involved in the transfer of data including (computer, smartphones, printers, routers, modems, etc.) uses this number to identify and allows to communicate with one another on an electronic network. Internet Protocol address is fundamentally a standard of communication. In layman’s terms, it is a lot like your

What Is Domain Name Server - CriticHost.com

What is Domain Name Server?

Learn about Domain Name Server: Every computer is assigned a unique address called IP address, which enables other users in identifying it using Internet Protocol. A typical IP address looks like this “199.164.386.5”.  In a layman’s term, a Domain Name Server (DNS) is the internet’s phonebook. DNS acts as a directory of domain names and their matching IP addresses. This directory assists other computers in knowing where they need to go to search your website.

What is a Server?

What is a Server and what are its Types: A server is a computer or a computer program designed to manage requests made and deliver the same to another computer with the use of the internet or a locally available network. In a layman’s term, a server means a web server where web pages are accessible on the internet with the help of a web browser. But there are various types of servers including the

What is Web Hosting?

Wonders of Web Hosting; Know More About It: Website development requires web hosting; it is the address of your website on the web.  Moreover, it acts as an online storage facility which hosts all the data, images, videos, and different content that incorporates your website. Service providers are responsible to maintain wherever the information related to the residence of the website, and also takes into consideration the technology aspect when it comes to managing the